Three children, Dusty, Bowie, and Casper, have an entire Marine Reserve almost to themselves.  The bush, crashing ocean, steep cliffs, caves, and secret places fuel their imaginations and sense of adventure.

One day, however, a frightening reality arrives in their sleepy town.  The children are faced with great danger and need to demonstrate courage, determination, and analytical skills.

The adventure tests their bravery and teaches them greater awareness, honesty, and resilience.



Chapter 1.                           The Treasure Hunt

Chapter 2.                           Exploring Caves

Chapter 3.                           Timbuck the Horse, and The Block and Tackle

Chapter 4.                           Football and Girls’ Fun

Chapter 5.                           A Very Dangerous Adventure

Chapter 6.                           An Evil Pirate

Chapter 7.                           Fear and Decisions

Chapter 8.                           The Great Pirate Discovery

Chapter 9.                           The School Project

Chapter 10.                         A Snorkelling Adventure

Chapter 11.                         The Big Celebration

Chapter 12.                         A New Beginning